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Welcome Aboard Flotilla 04-08!  Below is a basic survival guide, prepared by our members, with information on obtaining uniforms in the New Jersey/New York area, their care and feeding, and basic military and sea service customs and courtesies.

Why Uniforms?

What uniform should I wear?

A couple of uniforms will take care of more or less all of your needs.  Most of the "different" uniforms share components.  For more in-depth information, see the uniforms chapter of the Auxiliary Manual, or click on the Uniforms link on the Member's page, but here's a quick survival guide for Flotilla 4-8:

Flotilla 4-8 uses the Tropical Blue or Winter Undress uniforms at meetings.

On patrol, use the ODU or Working Blue uniform.  The choice of uniform is up to the Coxswain.  Also ask the Coxswain about shoes.  Boat shoes or black military style boots are usually worn with this uniform.  Some Coxswains prefer boat shoes to protect their boat's deck from excessive wear.

If you are unsure about what uniform to wear, ask.  Your interest in keeping
up the image of the Auxiliary will be appreciated.

Where do I get the uniform?

    Auxiliarists with a current, laminated ID card with photo have access to CG exchanges, like those at Station Sandy Hook, Activities New York and Air Station Cape Cod (Otis ANGB) for any and all purchases except alcohol and tobacco.  Auxiliarists can use DOD (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force) exchanges to purchase uniform items and accessories only.
    The Auxiliary also has its own stores in each district which do business via mail order and set up a store at the district conference.  For a catalog/price list, see the member's web page.
    Some private companies also sell CG and Auxiliary uniforms.
    See the member's page for the used uniform exchange
    Shop around for the best prices between the various outlets.

Store locations and hours:

The Care and Feeding of Uniforms From Tasha VanEs, USCGAUX:
Working blue shirts and sew-on devices:
It is a good idea to wash your working blue shirts along with new name tapes before you sew on the name. In other words, if you get a new shirt and new name tape, throw both into the washer/dryer a few times before you actually get the tapes affixed to the shirt. The reason for this is that the shirt and tape may not wear the same way, and you might end up with a name tape that makes the shirt all wrinkly around the edges. A CG Petty Officer recommended this, and suggested the wash process be done at least 3-4 times before you go sewing on the tapes.

Use and maintenance tricks from Flotilla members or learned by trial and error.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about proper uniform.  The only dumb
questions about uniforms are the ones that don't get asked!

U.S. Military and Sea Service Customs and Courtesies:
(a survival guide)
Covers (hats)

 Saluting *(see examples below)

Returning a Salute

On boarding and departing a military vessel:

Information on customs and courtesies courtesy of Dan Desai, AFSO

e-mail to Webmaster/FSO-CS Ken Stanley

(The Coast Guard motto)

Updated: 07/15/09