Photos of The World Trade Center Disaster, as seen by Ken Stanley, USCGAux.
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Photos from the perspective of a U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist September 2001.
Photos by Ken Stanley, USCGAux.
Ken Stanley 2001, No commercial use without permission is allowed.
Ken Stanley  (732) 248-3377,  1972 Rt.27, Edison, NJ 08817.

As the shock slowly subsided and the horror of what these rabid madmen did set in, the thought, "give me a gun, or a shovel, or something else so that I can get involved and help" was overwhelming. I've since heard that thought echoed by dozens of people who, because of circumstance, lack of specialized training or other reasons couldn't get directly involved, so they gave money, and even blood so that they didn't feel quite so helpless in the face of this despicable foe. 
I thank god that I was a member of Team Coast Guard and able to work "hands on" during this emergency. The Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary gave me the ability to get involved, as a Search and Rescue team member at Station Sandy Hook, as a Communications Watchstander, as a Boat Crewmember working port security, logistics transport, safety patrol, and Public Affairs transport, (most of these photos were taken during a Public Affairs mission, taking the camera crew and producer from TV's 48 Hours out to tour New York Harbor and transferring them onto the USCGC Tahoma). 
I believe I speak for all of my Fellow Auxiliarists when I say that we grieve for the Victims and Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.
God Bless America.

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9-11-2001, as seen from the NJ Turnpike, Exit 11 9-11-2001, as seen from Route 9, Woodbridge, NJ
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9-11-2001, as seen from Route 9, Woodbridge, NJ Devastation. Taken on 9-25-01
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July 4, 2000 September 25, 2001
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Without the WTC, it doesn't look like NYC. Collateral damage, the Old Customs House
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From the Big, (USCGC Campbell), to the small (21' RHI), the Coast Guard watched over New York Harbor.
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USCGC Adak on patrol. 41' UTB's from as far away as Vermont were here.
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USCGC Tahoma stands guard. NYC PD.
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Damage at the American Express Building.
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Camera Crew from 48 Hours. 48 Hours transfers to the USCGC Tahoma
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Dan Jacquish 01s-04-08 How to Control the News Media, at least from going over the side! (On board the Gecko)
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Aye Aye Skipper! Paul Leppert, 01s-Division 2, Captain of the Gecko. Herb Kline on duty. 01s-Division 2.
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Building 7 and the Old Customs House
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The view from just outside North Cove Marina.

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